A collection, a spirit, a vision!

After months of work, research and creation, it is with great pleasure that we present our new collection of corporate gifts for the end of the year. Our objective? May your employees and clients remember your gift throughout the year. First, by the explosion of flavors when tasting the chocolates. Then, because we select long-lasting, useful products which quickly find their place in their daily lives. So at every glance, they will be thinking of you!

Crazy? No! passionate …

Containers, the smallest decoration and even the chocolate paper, it’s 8 months of work on average to research, combine, create, change everything and start again, to be fed up, to take the lead, to swear to transfer half of the l team, change profession … and then finally arrive at a catalog where somewhere, passing through the pages you will end up saying Wow! I love.

Transparency: Everyone is housed in the same boat by a different pricing approach …

Certainly, our public prices are very competitive due to our business model and our control of the end-to-end supply chain, however, due to the fact that a company takes a large quantity of boxes and throughout the year for all its commercial needs. , since our first catalogs, we have implemented a “truly” special Business rate that is different from the standard public rate charged in stores. Why? as simple as transparent:

  • Not at the head of the customer: Companies know that they have a reference professional rate, known in advance, which does not change, they do not need to negotiate to avoid being fooled and can do so. compare with the Pubilc rate, see the difference …
  • Guarantee fairness: All companies, whatever their size, have access to this rate, we do not limit this special rate to large groups only!

An experienced and committed sales team

Our team is at your service to support you in your projects and respond perfectly to the specifics of your needs and expectations:

  • Organization of individual and multi-recipient deliveries
  • Personalization of your chocolates and boxes
  • Greeting cards with personalized message
  • Chocolates and ribbons personalized with your company logo
  • New : Gift vouchers for which you define the amount, in the form of cards to give to employees.

We invite you with great pleasure to discover the 2021 collection, while waiting for the official release of the 2022 collection in a few days.

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